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Systematic review marks

Hey designers!

Your final systematic review marks are on turnitin with associated comments. Please make sure you check the rubric mark, as the mark at the top is rounded (sometimes up, sometimes down) to the nearest whole grade out of 15.

Congrats, they were generally VERY well done and I enjoyed reading them!

Your Figshare marks are as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.51.25 PM

Systematic review marking guidelines

Your paper is due Thursday November 3rd @ 2:30 PM, on Turnitin. Please reference links I posted a few weeks ago with systematic review examples, particularly for the methods and results.


5-8 pages of text (double spaced, size 12 font). Maximum 10 pages of text, then a few pages of figures (use the whole page please) and title/references pages

Required sections:

  • title page
    • proper scientific title, collaborators
  • introduction
    • sufficient background on topic and related theories to set the context of your study
    • rationale, purpose, objectives
  • methods 
    • full search method, inclusion and exclusion criteria (including reference to PRISMA flow diagram in abstract
    • explanation of the data you extracted to tackle your objectives
  • results (text and figures with captions)
    • what did you find by extracting data on these studies?
    • reference to figures
  • discussion and conclusion
    • describe main results (but do not re-present them or reference stats, figures, etc) for each objective you proposed succinctly
    • discuss these results and the status of the literature on the topic you are studying
    • from this, describe the research gaps, and why they are important to study in the future
    • future directions for the field
  • references (min. 10, please cite throughout in APA or CSE; name date format for in-text)
  • appendix
    • PRISMA (linked above)
    • figshare to be posted online which will have all articles from original search, as well as meta data.


  • data
  • metadata
  • tags (BIOL3250, ExperimentalDesign2015, RuttanED2015), plus additional tags
  • description (methods)


Grant proposal rubric

Hey Designers,

Some have you have been asking for comments on your grant proposals, so I just wanted to do a quick post to show you how to access the rubric as it’s a little finicky if you don’t know how.

There is a little tab at the bottom of the grade-mark page on turnitin (shown in the picture below). You will need to click this to see your rubric, and all the comments by section.

There are additional comments throughout your report in speech bubbles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 11.08.25 AM

Pecha Kucha talks – Order of go:

November 26th:

Order      Name                                  Topic

1                Jennifer Chivers          Stress and feline behaviour

2                 Muhammed Al-Dakheeli      SRY

3                 Laura Badeski               Oral vacc. of squirrels for Lyme

4                 Daniel Presta                USP7 P53 & EBNA1

5                 Maria Francetic           Allergy in babies born to c-sections

6                 Shahana Gaur              Stress-levels in captive Chimps

7                Adrian Alonso              Shark deformities & ocean acidification

8                Kalvin Tandazo            Plant Pathogens

December 3rd:

Order     Name                                  Topic

1                Arpit Sharma                  DNA Aptamers

2                Andrew Shin                   Diatoms

3                Nigel Barnes                   Neuroplasticity

4                Min Namkung                Spring Migration

5                April Irums                       AMPK

6                Cathy Nguyen                Invasion + Disturbance

7                MinJung Kim                  Arthritis

8                Jessie Moses                  Caffeine and Memory

9                Ka Yan Chan                   Alzheimer’s disease


Systematic review links

Sample systematic reviews:

Click to access 544eaba30cf29473161be6e5.pdf


Sample spreadsheets:

Readings for Thursday

This Thursday I will be lecturing you on open source ecology/open science/big data, as well as formal synthesis tools such as systematic reviews and meta analyses.

Please have these four readings read BEFORE lecture on Thursday so we can discuss them in class:

Open-Source Ecology Takes Root Across the World
How to critically read meta-analyses.
Formalized synthesis opportunities
Uses and misuses of meta-analysis.

In lab on Thursday I will go into more depth on how to actually conduct a systematic review/meta analysis, and what will be involved for your particular assignment.

Take care, and be sure to read the post below about the due date for the lab report!

PS. If you’re interested, this paper is a good guide to types of reviews, and the review process: