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Happy 2016 and cheesy interview by me

hi pro designers!

Happy 2016.  I hope you had a great break. I wanted to share a tiny bit of info with you.  For better or worse, I did my first ever interview that got turned into a podcast. It is cheese I know, and you have certainly heard me enough!  However, I did try to focus on the challenges that I faced as scientist, promote diversity, and remind listeners that doing science is also a form of activism.  Give it a spin if you like – you can download as podcast or just click on the play button right on that page.

People Behind the Science Podcast

Note – I did not mention Star Wars but did see The Force Awakens twice already!  Also, you may get a request for a letter about my teaching in biology. I would love if you could do it and highlight the innovations we tried together (and not failed as Jedi).


Lab next week: SHARK TANK.

Hey designers,

Next week is our first week in the field where you’ll all get a chance to pick out locations for your studies and pilot you experiments!

BUT, before we head into the field we’re going to have a mini-shark tank session in lab. Each group should prepare a brief, informal presentation that outlines:

  1. Your major research questions
  2. Dependent and Independent variables/factors to be tested
  3. Locations you plan to use
  4. Any other ideas you want to bounce off of the class

Dr. Lortie and I will be there to listen to your proposals and troubleshoot any problems you may encounter!

PS. Your groups SHOULD all be set up. If you have not received an email about this, please let me know and I will re-add you. There was one email it appeared to be rejecting.

See you all next week!