Labs start Thursday!

Hello designers!

This is just a quick post to remind you all that labs start this Thursday at 2:30 PM. There is only one lab section for the course, so I hope to see you all there! FYI, the lab room has been CHANGED TO Lumbers Room 128.

This first lab will just be an intro for you all on the basics of experimental design. You will learn a few different techniques for conveying your designs to others, including how to sketch out an idea, and how to produce directed acyclic graphs (DAGs).

As I mentioned in the first lecture, all data you collect for both your experiment, and your systematic reviews later in the term will be published in an online, open-access repository called FigShare ( I will go though a tutorial on how to use it and what makes a good data sheet in the first lab. If you want to get ahead of the game, feel free to make an account and get a feel for the website ahead of time.

See you all Thursday!



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