Lab Report

Today in lab I will be going over your lab report expectations and the marking scheme, including things to avoid doing.

ALL LAB REPORTS WILL BE SUBMITTED THROUGH TURNITIN. We are trying to keep this course as paper-free as possible :). Computer/internet problems are not an excuse for late lab reports, please plan accordingly and submit a day or two early to check if there are any issues with your turnitin account if this is a concern for you.

If you have not already enrolled in the course through turnitin, the login info is:

Class ID: 10717724

Password: design

Additionally, as stats is a pre-req for this course, we will not be teaching it in labs. But, for your convenience, Alex Filazzola, the lab coordinator for BIOL2050, has made a few great tutorials that may be very helpful to you. These are available here:

See you all in lab!


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