FYI for anyone who missed lab today

Your paper is due Nov 5th by 2:30 PM, on Turnitin (see blog lost below). One report per individual, should NOT be the same (in any way) as any of your group members.

Report  – 20%

  • 5-8 pages of text (double spaced, size 12 font). Maximum 10 pages of text, then a few pages of figures (use the whole page please) and title/references pages
  • Here are the required sections:
    • title page
    • abstract
    • introduction
    • methods (experimental and statistical)
    • results (text and figures with captions)
    • discussion and conclusion
    • references (min. 5, please cite throughout in APA or CSE; name date format for in-text)

Figshare – 5%

  • data
  • metadata
  • tags (BIOL3250, ExperimentalDesign2015, RuttanED2015), plus additional tags
  • description (methods)

See you in two weeks!


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