Readings for Thursday

This Thursday I will be lecturing you on open source ecology/open science/big data, as well as formal synthesis tools such as systematic reviews and meta analyses.

Please have these four readings read BEFORE lecture on Thursday so we can discuss them in class:

Open-Source Ecology Takes Root Across the World
How to critically read meta-analyses.
Formalized synthesis opportunities
Uses and misuses of meta-analysis.

In lab on Thursday I will go into more depth on how to actually conduct a systematic review/meta analysis, and what will be involved for your particular assignment.

Take care, and be sure to read the post below about the due date for the lab report!

PS. If you’re interested, this paper is a good guide to types of reviews, and the review process:


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  1. Might just be me, but I can’t get articles two and four even when I am signed into my yorku account. It is trying to make me pay!

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