Grant proposal writing tips

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Remember, you can/should do the same topic you are studying in the lab for your systematic. The goal is to generate a second, USEFUL product from the same research. Become an expert in that topic and propose a cool, new research idea based on the research gaps you have identified.



This is just a plain amazing description of effective grant writing.
UNC Writing Center – Give me the money.

Here is a good resource on considerations for the grant title.

Finally, a good primer on how to write a grant app.

NSERC Master’s Funding instructions

To get funding for one year of a Master’s in Science funded by the Canadian Government at $17, 500 (funding call), you write  a single page!  No kidding.  You get one additional page for your bibliography and that is it. Instructions below.

Outline of Proposed Research from NSERC website:

1. Outline of proposed research (maximum of one page);
Bibliography/citations (maximum of one page).
Provide a detailed description of your proposed research project for the period during which you will hold the award. Be as specific as possible. Provide background information to position your proposed research within the context of the current knowledge in the field. State the objectives and hypothesis, and outline the experimental or theoretical approach to be taken (citing literature pertinent to the proposal), and the methods and procedures to be used. State the significance of the proposed research to a field or fields in the health sciences, natural sciences and/or engineering or social sciences and/or humanities, as appropriate.

Ensure you have a very clear title.

If the output of your degree program is an artistic creation rather than a thesis, indicate clearly the research component of your proposed work. Outline the objectives of your research, the context, methodology, and contribution to the advancement of knowledge.

If your degree program does not involve a thesis, a major research paper/essay, or a major research project, remember to outline clearly the research component of the degree.

If you have not yet decided on a specific project, you must still provide a detailed description of a research project that interests you. You are not bound by this project. You may change your research direction or activities during the course of the award. Certain restrictions may apply. Refer to the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s Award Holder’s Guide.

In addition:

Applicants are expected to write their own outline of proposed research independently. Ideas and/or text belonging to others must be properly referenced.
Include all relevant information in the outline.
Do not refer reviewers to URLs or other publications for supplemental information.
In the Outline of Proposed Research, provide the requested information according to the guidelines and format standards outlined in the Presentation Standards.

Presentation Standards

In each section of the Research Portal application, you will find instructions and tips on how to complete your application. All documents uploaded as attachments must be in Portable Document Format (PDF) and must conform to the following presentation standards. See also Transcripts (Attachment) for related presentation standards.

Text must be single-spaced, with no more than six lines per inch.
The acceptable font is Times New Roman (regular, minimum 12-pt.) or a comparable font.
Condensed type is not acceptable.
Set margins at a minimum of 2 cm (3/4 of an inch) all around.
Use a left-justified, standard page layout.
Include your name in the page header on every page.
For multipage attachments, number the pages sequentially.
The maximum number of pages permitted is indicated in each section of the application.
In addition, if you have transcripts or related documentation written in a language other than English or French, you must provide a certified English or French translation.
Applications that do not meet presentation standards may be deemed ineligible, or be at a disadvantage, in comparison with those that respect the presentation standards. Pages in excess of the number permitted will not be assessed by the selection committee.


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