Grant proposal instructions and EXTENSION

Hi Designers.
The one-page grant proposal (instructions below in previous post) with one additional page for references is straight from the NSERC website for MSc students.  So, I am stoked on this an opportunity to get realistic practice on grants.

(1) When NSERC states list ‘theoretical approach’ to be taken – they mean what major theory are you testing.
(2) Once it is written, get someone else to read it. It is only one-page but this really helps.  This leads me to my next idea – extension-help idea!

You will get an AUTOMATIC extension of one full day (Friday Nov 20th, @530pm to IF AND ONLY IF YOU ATTEND LECTURE ON THURSDAY and show Ally and me what you have done so far.

If you do not attend lecture, it is still due on Thursday.


Rationale: I want to help you. Bring your laptop or if you work on a desktop, a print up/outline/draft of whatever you have written. I will spend half the lecture helping you.

The other half of the lecture will be a PechaKucha lecture and sample talk.


2 thoughts on “Grant proposal instructions and EXTENSION”

  1. Hello Dr. Lortie

    Is there an email address I can contact you with, I have a few question regarding the grant proposal. I miss class last week due to illness

    1. yes, nigel. Listed in course outline (I do not want to put here due to spambots). Also, check your email, I just sent whole class an email. You can reply to that one. Meet with your group right away to discuss the grant app. I spent about 2hours discussing it. All in the blog post below but still to chat with them ok.

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