Systematic review marking guidelines

Your paper is due Thursday November 3rd @ 2:30 PM, on Turnitin. Please reference links I posted a few weeks ago with systematic review examples, particularly for the methods and results.


5-8 pages of text (double spaced, size 12 font). Maximum 10 pages of text, then a few pages of figures (use the whole page please) and title/references pages

Required sections:

  • title page
    • proper scientific title, collaborators
  • introduction
    • sufficient background on topic and related theories to set the context of your study
    • rationale, purpose, objectives
  • methods 
    • full search method, inclusion and exclusion criteria (including reference to PRISMA flow diagram in abstract
    • explanation of the data you extracted to tackle your objectives
  • results (text and figures with captions)
    • what did you find by extracting data on these studies?
    • reference to figures
  • discussion and conclusion
    • describe main results (but do not re-present them or reference stats, figures, etc) for each objective you proposed succinctly
    • discuss these results and the status of the literature on the topic you are studying
    • from this, describe the research gaps, and why they are important to study in the future
    • future directions for the field
  • references (min. 10, please cite throughout in APA or CSE; name date format for in-text)
  • appendix
    • PRISMA (linked above)
    • figshare to be posted online which will have all articles from original search, as well as meta data.


  • data
  • metadata
  • tags (BIOL3250, ExperimentalDesign2015, RuttanED2015), plus additional tags
  • description (methods)


4 thoughts on “Systematic review marking guidelines”

  1. Hi Ally,

    When you say to use the whole page for figures, do you mean you would like one figure per page?


      1. Hi Ally

        Is it possible to extend the paper deadline to Thursday midnight? If not midnight, then at least 5:30 pm? because it will be great if we get a little time after class presentations to review the paper before submitting it. Since all three assignments – grant app, presentation and review are connected, the discussion and feedback from presentation will be helpful in making make some changes to systematic review ( to enhance the quality of introduction and discussion section)


        1. Hi Arpit,

          Unfortunately the grading timeline is very tight at the end of a course and I will need all the time I can get to mark so that your grades can be submitted on time to the registrar. You should have at least an hour after the presentations tomorrow to make some final adjustments, but take the comments on your grant app into consideration. I don’t think the discussion from your presentation, though related, will help you much for your report, unless you entirely re write sections. Im sorry I can’t give you more time, but the deadlines are too tight.


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