Happy 2016 and cheesy interview by me

hi pro designers!

Happy 2016.  I hope you had a great break. I wanted to share a tiny bit of info with you.  For better or worse, I did my first ever interview that got turned into a podcast. It is cheese I know, and you have certainly heard me enough!  However, I did try to focus on the challenges that I faced as scientist, promote diversity, and remind listeners that doing science is also a form of activism.  Give it a spin if you like – you can download as podcast or just click on the play button right on that page.

People Behind the Science Podcast

Note – I did not mention Star Wars but did see The Force Awakens twice already!  Also, you may get a request for a letter about my teaching in biology. I would love if you could do it and highlight the innovations we tried together (and not failed as Jedi).


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